Grinm Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. ("GRIAM"), originally known as Grinm Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., and solely sponsored by General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals ("GRINM") through fund raising, was established in March 1999 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with a registered capital of 838.78 million RMB. The registered address is No. 43 of Bei San Huan Zhong Lu, Haidian District, Beijing.

Rare earth compound materials

Rare earth compound materials
Widely used in integrated circuit chips, radio frequency (RF) filters, Crystalline materials, Laser Fibers, luminescent materials and Emissive display materials, hydrogen storage materials and functional film materials and other new rare earth functional materials fields. The main products are high purity-rare earth oxides,such as high-purity lanthanum oxide, high-purity neodymium oxide and high-purity ytterbium oxide, etc. The purity of high-purity rare earth compounds produced by Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. has reached 5N-6N, which has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.
In addition,the performance of rare earth catalyst,thermal barrier coating ceramic material,precision rare earth polishing powders/ slutty and rare earth oxide solid electrolyte materials produced by GRIREM have reached or approached international advanced levels.


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