Grinm Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. ("GRIAM"), originally known as Grinm Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., and solely sponsored by General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals ("GRINM") through fund raising, was established in March 1999 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with a registered capital of 838.78 million RMB. The registered address is No. 43 of Bei San Huan Zhong Lu, Haidian District, Beijing.

Infrared optical material

Optic grade Germanium erystal
Germanium has excellent transmission across 2- 14μm waveband and can be used in both mid-wave infrared and long-wave infrared systems. Germa- nium is a most widely used infrared material for windows and lens in thermal-imaging systems.
Guojing produces high quality Germanium crystal with theoretical transmission and excellent homogeneity. Both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline are available. Blanks, windows, lenses and prisms canbe made according to customer's specifications, with the diameter up to 450mm.
Standard ZnS
Guojing's standard ZnS, made by CVD technique, is an excellent windows and domes material for long-wave infrared imaging system for military applications due to its high transmission, good optical uniformity and high strength.
Multispectral ZnS
Multispectral ZnS is made from Standard ZnS by a post-deposition hot isostatic process. This process spreads the transmission band to visible(0.4-12um), thus makes the material clear like water.Guojing's multispectral ZnS showing excellent transmission across the visible to long-wave infrared waveband, with very low scatter and absorption, is well-suited for the applications that require a single aperture for beam path for several wavebands.
CVD ZnSe is the first choice of optical components for high power COz lasers due to its low bulk absorption at 10.6 microns. Also its high optical uniformity and low scatter make it well-suited for optical elements in high resolution thermal imaging equipment. Guojing's CVD ZnSe, with very low bulk absorption and scatter, can meet the various requirements of high power laser and thermal imaging applications.
Chalcogenide Glasses
Chalcogenide glasses are special glasses with broad infrared trans- mission, excellent optical performance and wide range of applications. With stable chemical characters and strong acid-proof quality, it is designed to correct chromatic aberration,and becomes the best chosen materials of precision molding infrared lens.Guojing now provide 6 types of chaicogenide glasses with diameter up to 150mm, products from blanks, polished parts to coating parts.

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